A dedicated team of specialists works with a single-minded motivation of serving the best grains to you, at your platter. Every endeavor of our team is focused to package only those grains that are second to none in their aspects of quality and taste. A process that starts from the stage of grain selection till their final packaging.

We ensure best & consistent quality through various checks during the process. it begins with purchase of paddy. Quality checks at this stage confirms:

  • Moisture
  • Foreign grains
  • Green grains
  • Rust grains
  • Admixture
  • Average length
  • Red grains
  • Yield
  • Broken %age

Quality has always been an integral part of our entire manufacturing process. Keeping this motive as the topmost priority in our minds, we have focused every endeavor of ours to achieve the highest level of quality control standards.

A dedicated team is entrusted with the job of ensuring that every step of quality control goes through the eyes of highly competent professionals. Just an effort to make sure that the aroma and flavor of every grain that reaches your platter is unparalleled.

State of the art machines process the various versions of basmati rice like the brown, white rice etc. what else, after the processing by these world class machine the grains are stored in an environment that boasts of being totally dust free and hygienic. The underlying theme of all these efforts is just to leave an unforgettable impact on the taste buds of every connoisseur.
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