The rice grains rolling out from the stable of NBRM can be grouped under various broad headings. These categories have been described below. Also the various basic qualities flaunted by these grains, position them distinctively ahead of others have also been specified.

  • Traditional white milled basmati rice
    The grain is one of the most premium quality grains available in the market. The most distinguishing feature of this basmati grain is its purity. This is infact one of the most natural and generic variety of basmati available in the market. The grain boasts of a hard-to resist aroma and the length of each grain is what makes it stand out.

  • Parboiled basmati rice
    It is also a natural generic variety of basmati rice. But the attribute that gives it a unique identity is the fact that it is subjected to parboiling treatment before it is finally packaged. The objective of this treatment is to ensure that the nutritional values of each and every grain are kept intact.

  • PUSA white basmati rice
    It is a hybrid variety of basmati rice and is one of the most widely acclaimed one. Its long kernel can distinguish it from others. This grain has been widely acknowledged owing to its excellent cooking and the economical price that also gives an extra edge to the consumers.

  • PUSA parboiled basmati rice
    The basic characteristics of this variety are not much different from the preceding one. But the attribute that sets it is the fact that it is subjected to parboiling. This parboiling helps the grain to retain its nutritional value without compromising on its flavor and aroma. Also the economical price of this grain is another added feature of this grain.

We offer Basmati rice as Brown Rice (the whole grainwith only the inedible outer husk removed) or as White rice with the husk, germ and bran removed. Click here Technical Specification

  • Brown raw basmati rice
    It is a absolutely pure variety of basmati rice. The brown color of the grain is due to the fact that it is not polished like the other grains. Only the husk is removed from the grains. These grains are 100% sorted and cleaned. Apart from this factor, these grains boast of a high nutritional content.

  • Brown parboiled basmati rice
    This grain is almost similar to the above-mentioned variety but differs in the fact that it is parboiled. This adds another attribute to the grain. The nutritional content of the grain remains intact.

  • Brown raw PUSA basmati rice
    This is a hybrid variety of basmati that apart from having the other characteristics also contains a high nutritive value.

  • Brown parboiled PUSA basmati rice

  • Brown raw PUSA basmati rice

  • Brown raw sharbati rice

  • Brown parboiled sharbati rice
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