From the very initial stages of our journey we have always believed that our customers deserve nothing less than that best. So it has been a constant endeavor on our part to strive for excellence.

Our quality control experts make their presence felt from the very first stage when paddy grains are identified and procured in plants at Batala. After that starts a journey towards delivering the best, regularly intercepted by quality control checks. In this regard, our world-class machinery helps us, imported from Satake (Japan). They ensure that every grain, which comes from our stable, has passed a series of stringent quality tests. These machines that boastfully adorn our well-equipped plant at Batala (Punjab) have a capability of producing about 10 metric tones of these celestial grains every single hour.

Primary importance is assigned to the color sorting stage, where close monitoring is done at various levels to ensure that every single discolored grain or any grain that is less than perfect has been weeded out. Also upgradation forms an integral part of the entire process where efforts are made for optimum utilization and a proper monitoring of production costs. This helps us in exporting our produce in containers and in bulk in a ship’s hold, across the globe literally.

The work force handling the machineries are also trained in such a way that they are in tune with the latest technologies and hence maximize the efficiency making it rub shoulders with international standards.

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